Mark Ishibashi, MBA


888-330-4406 ext 701

Mark Ishibashi co-founded Stonebridge Global Investments, an independent wealth management firm that delivers expert-level asset and risk management solutions. He services a select group of companies, entrepreneurs...

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Nicolas Tabellion


888-330-4406 ext 700

Nic has been in financial services for over 15 years. He brings an extensive knowledge of investment strategies to Stonebridge Global Partners, where Nic specializes in client-specific wealth management...


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Deanna Poidomani

Client Services Manager

888-330-4406 ext 0

Deanna provides operational and administrative support to the team at Stonebridge Global Investments. With over 15 years’ experience in the financial services industry, Deanna brings expertise and care to the clients at Stonebridge...

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Jessica Dolby

Marketing Manager

888-330-4406 ext 702

Jessica provides marketing support to the team at Stonebridge Global Investments. Prior to joining Stonebridge, she worked within the U.S. marketing department of one of the nation’s leading global active asset managers to create...

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